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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Giving the Dog Food as well as Supplements

Giving the Dog Food as well as Supplements

Dogs need vitamins and minerals in order to stay strong. This is the reason that scientists have invested a lot of money in research for proper nutrition as the owner does the same by buying this from the supermarket.

Though some think that giving the dog vaccination is enough, there are other things that are needed to make the hair grow and for the bones of the animal to be strong. These supplements come in different forms.

The person can buy this in groceries, the pet shops or in specialty stores that are either in powder or tablet form. Should the dog refuse to take this orally, the owner can mix this instead with the food. Most of the tablets are good for a month before a new bottle is bought.

Humans drink milk or take Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid. There is also a similar formula for dogs that are available in 60 to 180 tablets per bottle. This should also be given once a day and cost more than the multivitamin which is purchased at the store.

Aside from tablet or powder, some supplements are also available in liquid form. Since the dog may experience flaking, itching or shedding in a certain area, the person can apply this by hand or inject this in.

Can supplements given to one breed of dog be used on another? The answer is yes but this should be first consulted with the veterinarian to get the desired results.

What are the other uses of supplements? This can also be used to help the dog deal with aging, poor oxygen availability, stress and a weakened immune system.

When the dog experiences an injury such as a dislocation or a fracture, the person can also give the animal some supplements to relieve the pain. This can be rubbed and used to treat joint stiffness, osteoarthritis, pains and inflammations.

There are two kinds of supplements that are now out in the market. The most often used are made of artificial ingredients. This is also what humans use to give the person that much needed energy at work.

Lately, people have discovered a new supplement which is made of natural ingredients. These are often from the east which can be given the same way as conventional medicine.

Some of these ingredients are herbs, seeds, wild yam, corn silk and cat’s claw. This can be used to clean the urinary tract or bowel system, help with aging or keep the immune system strong against diseases.

The price range of the two isn’t that far and some even use a combination of both to give the dog the much needed vitamins and nutrients to stay active and strong.

Studies have shown there is nothing harmful in giving supplements to the dog. The person should just stick with the proper dosage since an overdose may cause the animal to have a chemical imbalance inside which could be bad news.

Supplements are there to add a special boost in the dog’s system. These were also designed to produce certain things that the animal doesn’t produce enough of. Some people say the giving the pet the right food is enough.

This is not something breeders will not agree since these people will use everything possible for the dog to win in competitions and produce good offspring.

Giving the Dog Food as well as Supplements

Monday, November 06, 2006

Dog health

Tips in keeping your dog healthy in tip-top shape

Taking care of your pets is like taking care of the people that you love. Avoid excesses and you will have one happy pet in your hand. Of course, that is easily said than done. What exactly should you avoid and what should you give? Below are some really short but sweet tips that can help you take care of your pet and mayhap even save his or her life in the process.

Chemical complaints

There are many chemicals that are used in households that may be potentially poisonous to your pet. One example of this is the antifreeze that you often put on your driveway during winter. Make sure that you keep your pet away from these chemicals as these could kill them instantly. Make sure that they are out of the reach of not only children but also your pets at home.

Chocolate dilemma

Although we can eat as much chocolate as we want, dogs are not as lucky. It seems that chocolate has an ingredient called theobromine that is really harmful for pets… so much for chocolate sharing!

Appropriate food

Although generally, animals can eat whatever we eat especially dog and cats, it is still advisable to give them food that are made especially for them. If you feel that cat or dog food is not something that you want your pets to have, ask the veterinarian for some suggestions of food that you can prepare or buy for them.

Temperature trouble.

Never forget to let your pet inside the house during winter season. Like people, they also run the risk of getting hypothermia when exposed to the cold for so long. You should also make sure that they are kept warm even when inside the house. Although there are some breeds that can thrive in cold temperature, there are some who cannot abide the biting cold.

Emergency number

If you have 911 on your phone book, make sure that you also your veterinarian’s version of 911 too. Keep the emergency number at a place where everyone can see it and let people know about it… members of the family, babysitters. This will be of great help in times when the veterinarian is needed immediately and you are not in the house

Keep close ties with your vet

Visit the veterinarian every month and have him check your pet even if nothing is really wrong with him or her. This will ensure that your pet is kept healthy and strong. It is better to already nip illness in the bud rather than know about it months too late.

Proper hygiene

Make sure that your pet is well-groomed at all times. You don’t really have to go to a special pet salon and have them groom your pet to perfection. You don’t even need professional service. You can do it yourself. Just make sure that you bathe them at least three to four times a week. Do not forget to cut their nails as this is one of the most basic transmission points of bacteria and diseases.

Travel blues

If you should travel, make sure that you have all the necessary equipment. Pets are basically not allowed on the airplane. They may need some sort of cage while they are being transported by air. There are some airlines that allow for a minimal number of pets in flight. Ask if you can be accompanied by your pet when you make a reservation. That way, they will be able to already include you in the count.

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Dog health

Dog health

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Dog health